10 Gigabit SFP+ LC Multi-Mode Transceiver, 850nm, DDM, 300m

10GBASE-SR Module for Cisco SFP-10G-SR, 

  • Ubiquiti UF-MM-10G, 
  • Mikrotik S+85DLC03D, 
  • D-Link, 
  • Supermicro, 
  • Netgear, 
  • TP-Link 

Operating data rate up to 10.3Gbps
850nm VCESL Transmitter
Distance up to 300m @50 / 125 um MMF
Single 3. 3V Power supply and TTL Logic Interface
Duplex LC Connector Interface, Hot Pluggable
Compliant with MSA SFP+ Specification SFF-8431
Compliant with 10G 1200-M5-SN-I and 1200-M6-SN-I FC standard
Compliant with 8.5G 800-M5-SN-I and 800-M6-SN-I FC standard
Compliant with 4.25G 400-M5-SN-I and 400-M6-SN-I FC standard
Compliant with 2.125G 200-M5-SN-I and 200-M6-SN-I FC standard
Compliant with 1.0625G 100-M5-SN-I and 100-M6-SN-I FC standard
Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-SR/SW
Operating Case Temperature Standard:0℃~+70℃


10GBASE-SR at 10.31Gbps
10GBASE-SW at 9.95Gbps
1000 Base-SR Ethernet
8x FC at 8.5Gbps
4x FC at 4.25Gpbs
2x FC at 2.125Gpbs
1x FC at 1.0625Gbps
Other optical links

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10GbE Single Mode SFP+ Transceiver Cisco Ubiquiti Mikrotik D-Link Supermicro Netgear TP-Link uyumlu StorNET

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  • Product Code: STN85-192-M3
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